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Phifer SunTex, window sun shades, blocks up to 90% UV rays from entering your home to prevent sun damage from fading your furniture and floors. Also, it can reduce the heat in a room up to 30% which allows your air conditioning runs less.

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SunTex Product Overview

SunTex exterior window shades include fabric that is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester. Developed originally for outdoor furniture, SunTex is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. Ideal for use as shade fabric on windows, doors, and porches, SunTex is also pet resistant.

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Available in 2 weaves and 4 colors

  • SunTex 80 (Blocks up to 80% of the Sun’s Heat)
  • SunTex 90 (Blocks up to 90% of the Sun’s Heat)
  • Black, Brown, Grey and Stucco

Pattern and Color Options



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Motorized Retractable Screens

Motorized retractable screens appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces, these custom-made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects, or a bit of privacy.

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