Swinging Screen Doors – Orange County

active window swinging screen doors

Our Swinging Screen Doors are made by Active Window Products and include the following key features:

  • .055 Extruded Aluminum Frame
  • Extruded Corner Locks with 4 Screws per Corner
  • 1″ Extruded Push Bars
  • 3 Oilite Bearing Hinges Riveted to Channel
  • Wright Air Closer with Push Button Latch
  • Special Sizes Available
swinging screen doors


protecto screendoor 1283810

Santa Fe

santafe screendoor 1284207


prairie screendoor 1284521

Cape Cod

capecod screendoor 1285115

El Dorado

eldorado screendoor 1285413


vista screendoor 1285656

Model E

modele screendoor 1285956


pueblo screendoor 1290252


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